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David Arroba - Artis Opus Mixed Brush Set (5-Brush DELUXE)

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This product includes:

- 1 Artis Opus David Arroba Signature Series Brush Set

- 1X Akelarre Models premium sheet

- 2X Akelarre Models stickers


David Arroba - Artis Opus Mixed Brush Set (5-Brush DELUXE)

  • This set has been customized from top to bottom, not only including David's 5 favorite brushes but also bearing his brand, and each sale directly supports David. Every brush is handmade in the UK and crafted with the highest quality pure Kolinsky sable, triple-tested to meet demanding industry-leading quality standards.

    Here are David's words about his set, style, and brush collection:

    "The main goal of the brushes I have designed is to offer the greatest 'versatility' to the painter. It contains five brushes that allow us to work at any possible scale of figures, with larger brushes for working on larger scales, and smaller brushes that offer great precision for painting small-scale figures. I mostly use long-haired brushes, mostly out of personal preference. In my painting style, when working with paint that is not very diluted, the paint tends to dry faster on short-haired brushes, making drawing more difficult...

    Nevertheless, I have included a short-haired M2 brush because I believe it is a brush that functions as a 'wildcard' in the set, with very different properties from the rest, which can be useful: it is very useful for both large and small scales, especially focused on working in detail."


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